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Ryan Karben says watchdog could mean higher taxes for district, canceling budget vote results Nov 20, 2014

State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia joins Susan Arbetter to discuss equity in education as well as her philosophy when it comes to turning around failing schools.

Ryan Karben says watchdog could mean higher taxes for district, canceling budget vote results. Watch here

July 29, 2015: Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia, Ryan Karben, Gov. Cuomo July 29, 2015

State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia joins Susan Arbetter to discuss equity in education as well as her philosophy when it comes to turning around failing schools.

We explore what’s next with the East Ramapo School District with attorney & former Assemblyman Ryan Karben. Karben will also discuss the Governor’s controversial veto of annexation legislation for Kiryas Joel, a village in Orange County with a majority Hasidic Jewish population. Listen here

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Battle Brewing Over Bees And Blueberries In Rockland County May 26, 2015

MONTEBELLO, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Rockland County man wound up with a bumper crop of trouble after being ticketed for trying to keep bees and grow blueberries.
As CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported Tuesday, Zev Oster is using two hives of honeybees to pollinate a bunch of blueberry plants. Watch here

Karben on East Ramapo: Interview with Susan Arbetter November 19, 2014

Emmy-award winning radio host Susan Arbetter interviews (at 13:23) former Assemblyman Ryan Karben about the New York State Education Department’s report on the ethnically divided East Ramapo School District. Listen here

Ramapo Vote Signals Anger At- And Among- Orthodox Jews  10-1-14 Rare ballot initiative seeks to curb political influence of Rockland’s growing charedi community. Read more:
Dr. Barry Trachtenberg, Associate professor of History and director of the program in Judaic Studies at UAlbany; attorney Ryan Karben; and award-winning reporter Chris McKenna of the Middletown Times Herald Record discuss the growth of the ultra-Orthodox Kiryas Joel Community in Orange County and how the community’s neighbors are reacting to that growth. Listen here…
Police Investigating Potential Hate Crime at Camp Shalom 
7-7-14 Ramapo Police are investigating a potential hate crime at Camp Shalom in Rockland County, wherete swimming pool was slashed seven ties over the weekend following weeks of incitement on social media. Read more:
New York’s Andrew Cuomo Faces Unexpected Opposition from the Ultra Orthodox  
6-20-14 As New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo steams toward what’s expected to be an  easy re-election this fall, he may face opposition from an unexpected corner. Read more:
de Blasio’s Jewish Problem 
6-2-14 Bill de Blasio is serving glatt kosher to Jewish leaders at Gracie Mansion tonight, but the mayor may pass on a plate. That could be the only way to avoid the political heartburn from Jewish community events that is sticking to this mayor like cream cheese on a bagel.  Read more….
As Cuomo Secures Working Families Party Endorsement, de Blasio Regains His Clout 
6-1-14 Ryan Karben talks with the New York Observer about what an endorsement deal between Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Working Families Party means for Mayor de Blasio. Read more….
Interview on NPR’s The Capitol Pressroom
5-19-14 Susan Arbetter of The Capitol Pressroom interviews Ryan Karben on conflicts in New York over housing development, religious bloc voting and public education and what they mean for the 2014 elections. Listen here…
Ryan Karben on 2014 Elections- Interview with Liz Benjamin
5-13-14 Ryan Karben of Excelsior Public Affairs is interviewed by Capital Tonight’s Liz Benjamin on his article “Shtetlopolis,” a look at the impact the Hudson Valley’s growing Hasidic population is having on New York politics. Watch Here…
Karben: N.Y. Dems’ Sloppy Food Fight 5-12-14 Remember in “Animal House” when John Belushi sends a mouthful of egg across the Faber College dining hall and mayhem ensues? Well, that’s what some Democrats want to do at Gov. Cuomo’s nominating convention.  Read the rest of the column here…
Hasidim in NYC Exurbs Trigger Backlash That Entangles Cuomo 5-9-14 Community groups fighting the growing influence of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish population in New York City’s northwestern exurbs are joining forces to counter the Hasidic bloc vote in this year’s gubernatorial election. Read More…
Daily Caller 2-26-14 A certain New York lawyer, blogger and former Assemblyman Ryan Karben thinks so. “Get High with Hillary would definitely be a sellout fundraiser, but I think Democrats would be just as satisfied with a strong policy stand,” Karben told The Mirror. “Though it looks like the DC City Council is poised to vote in favor of legal weed, so maybe she’ll need to wait into she moves in to The White House.” Read More…
Ryan Karben on the Politics of Pot 2-18-14 When it comes to legalizing marijuana, things are moving quickly in New York.  Ryan Karben discuses the politics of pot with WAMC Northeast Public Radio’s Dave Lucas.  Listen here…
Interview with The Capitol Pressroom with Susan Arbetter 2-10-14 Laura Haight, Senior Environmental Associate at NYPIRG and Conor Bambrick, ‎Energy and Air Program Director at Environmental Advocates of New York discuss the Draft NYS Energy Plan. Read More…
Bill Targeting Israel Boycott Bounces Back in New York State — and Nationally 2-7-14 Just days after a coalition of unions, civil libertarians and academic groups cheered its demise, a bill targeting academic boycotts of Israel has returned to New York’s state legislature — and similar measures are now popping up in other statehouses and the U.S. Congress. Read More…
Day faces a divided Rockland 10-9-13 Rockland County Executive-elect Ed Day says it was his message of change and his 62 years of life experience that resonated with voters and put him ahead of David Fried in Tuesday’s election. Read More…
Upstate casinos will have an impact here 10-5-13 New York voters will decide whether to bet on expanded casino gambling as a jackpot for state government coffers and economically adrift upstate communities. Read More…
The Burbs After Bloomberg 4-17-13 It’s never surprising when city folk dis the suburbs. Ed Koch called suburban life “sterile.” The Times’ recently reported on “scruffy bohemians” from Brooklyn “colonizing” Nyack– in the Fashion section. My wife’s cousin declined to stay another night once because it was too quiet and he couldn’t sleep. The great urban fear? The city becomes suburbanized. Read More…
From Politician To Pundit 3-21-13 News travels fast these days. Sometimes it mainlines onto Facebook for friends and family to see, share and discuss. And more often than not, it bubbles up on Twitter, where news often becomes news before it becomes news. Read More…
Karben Fights for Utility Consumers Time Warner Cable Almost one week after the nor’easter, some Orange and Rockland Utilities customers are still without power. There’s no excuse, says one ratepayer. Our Elaina Athans tells us how he is fighting back. Read More…
$500,000 Lawsuit for Incomplete Breakfast Dismissed 5-25-12 A New York judge dismissed a $500,000 lawsuit, filed by a lawyer against his Wall Street health club, for failing to provide a “full complimentary breakfast.” Richard Katz, a Manhattan attorney, said he paid $5,000 a year as a member of The Setai Club and Spa Wall Street for benefits like a “full complimentary breakfast,” according to a suit filed in November 2011. But after joining in December 2009, Katz said the club no longer provided the same breakfast he said he was promised starting in August 2010 and “continuing intermittently.” Read More…
This breakfast club is closed: Manhattan lawyer sues posh spa for yanking morning cereal and yogurt, but ends up with egg on his face 5-23-12 A Manhattan attorney who sued a Wall Street health club because it quit serving free breakfast has to fork over $440 after a judge ruled that his lawsuit was toast. Read More…
Ryan Karben is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.